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The Magic Mumble Jumble - Pressphoto 2020_photoby_Blasius Erlinger_edited.jpg
Magic Mumble Jumble
Vrijdag 1 juli
22.00 uur

“Don’t forget to move your body to the beat” is the message of a song that thousands of people danced to in their homes. With over a million streams and counting on Spotify the single “Don’t forget” truly hit a nerve, became a hopeful hymn for their fans and one of the band‘s most successful songs. Therefore The Magic Mumble Jumble will take this message on a trip in 2022 moving the dancefloor from peoples‘ homes to club- and festival stages. The Magic Mumble Jumble invites you to celebrate life with a wild dancing session. 

With his charismatic stage presence and live-to-love attitude bandleader Paul Istance is on a mission to make the shows a magic experience in which the gap between audience and band disappears completely. Armed with their eight singing voices, horns, percussion, electric and acoustic guitars as well as a huge amount of positive energy, THE MAGIC MUMBLE JUMBLE sets out to include all the people they encounter in their journey on the road to freedom.

Locatie:   Opera tent

Speelduur: ca 60 min. 

Geschikt:  alle leeftijden

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